Gentle Morning Yoga

This gentle-paced class focuses on waking up the body slowly in the morning and coming back to mindfulness in your practice. Some weeks may include aspects of both yin and yang styles of yoga. 

​Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a wonderful compliment to the Yang styles of Yoga we often practice. Yang classes involve a lot of movement, breath work and muscular effort. In Yin, the poses are much more passive, often held on the floor and for longer periods of time. While Yang classes target the superficial tissues of the body, Yin classes target the deep connective tissues and the fascia that covers the body. A much more meditative practice, Yin students often leave with a sense of relaxation and clarity. Great for those wishing to balance out a busy lifestyle and those wishing to increase flexibility. Now offered in HOT as well!


Hot Balance & Core 

Done in a heated room, this class will focus on a series of standing balance postures and then follow with core-strengthening postures. 

Hot Flow

This class is practiced in a room temperature of up to 40 Degrees. This allows the body to warm up quickly, deepen the practice and to maximize the detoxifying, cleansing nature of the postures. This invigorating flow is not a set sequence; it embodies a diverse range of yoga styles, allowing the instructors the freedom to play with alignment and movement and provides a full workout for the entire body.

Core Yoga

A dynamic, heat-building class with full emphasis on gaining core strength and stability. Expect longer holds in challenging postures with vinyasa yoga in between!

Gentle Hatha

A slower-paced class with an emphasis on mindfulness and being kind to the body. Students are encouraged to take extra time to move in and out of postures, while also exploring different modification options. Props are often used to adjust poses to meet individual needs and to allow greater release while holding a posture. This class will have a more meditative approach and will focus on breath, awareness and relaxation. Suitable for all levels. 

Gentle Flow

Vinyasa meaning, “flow” or “to move without resistance”. Linking movement and breath, in this all levels class expect a strong emphasis on developing a steady breath to build heat and increase strength and flexibility with brief holds in postures. 

Lifeforce Yoga

Lifeforce Yoga® practices are designed to support a sense of balance, acceptance, and flow in our lives. Whether you want to feel more energy, or wish to calm your mind and body, these classes will teach you ways to reduce stress and better regulate your mood with balancing techniques you can use on your own.


LifeForce Yoga rests on the fundamental belief that all that we need is already within us; that beneath the current mood, the roles we play and the masks we wear, we are the wholeness we seek. Each class will begin with a yogic centering strategy, move through breathwork, yoga postures, mudras and incorporate mantra. We will end with a meditative relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed and balanced.


All levels of experience welcome! This is suitable for the new and seasoned practitioner.


Hot Fusion

Done in a hot temperature room, this class will combine aspects of Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow but with an emphasis on core strengthening work. 

Mind Body Balance
An traditional yoga practice consisting of:  sun salutations, pranayama and meditation. The perfect class to balance mind, body and spirit.
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