In person and online community

Please read entire post for important information:

We are so gragteful for the love and support of our community over the last 6 years, but especially during the 2+ years we have been collectively navigating this pandemic. Our mission and purpose at Pure Balance Yog Bathurst remains the sam We believe that life is all about balance.  


Our hope is to inspire others to lead their most balanced lifestyle through yoga, meditation and holistic healing. Our vision is to provide a safe space for all students, of all levels, abilities and life stages, to practice. We treat what we learn on our mat as lessons in both yoga, and life.


We believe in living from the heart, respecting our environment, and getting back to basics.


With all that said, as all other small businesses, we must follow Public Health measures in order to continue to operate. Our community has had to adapt to changes quickly and effectively, to ensure a future for this space and for all who depend on the magic of yoga. 

As a result, here are some things to expect:


-We are obligated to require a proof of vaccination to students who wish to practice in person at the studio. This will only be asked once and discretely.


-We are now offering online yoga classes through the mindbody app. We are trying our very best to offer a variety of classes on a daily basis, and have a huge on-demand library available with selected memberships.

- Class sizes will be reduced by half. We will now be accepting 12 students per class, with 6 ft distance between. We have measured and placed stickers for mat placement.

- Prices have increased slightly (ie: $3-4 for our most common packages)

- For the time being, we can no longer offer "first class free" to new students. This will hopefully change in the coming months as our situation improves.

- Seniors (over 65) and students (valid ID required) discount will now be 10%

- We will no longer be sharing or lending out props, mats or water cups. Students will be asked to bring each of these things with them to class.

- We will be temporarily changing some of our eco friendly practices (ie: we will be switching to paper towel instead of hand towels)

- Doors will be locked in between classes to prevent "traffic" in the lobby. We are asking clients to wait outside or in their cars until the previous class has left and the staff have had a chance to wipe down all high touch areas with disinfectant.

- We will have less classes on the schedule for the time being as we assess the demand. We are hopeful that we will be able to afford to offer more classes based on your support and your purchase of new memberships.

- We are now enforcing a 2 hour cancellation policy for classes. This means you will not be able to cancel your classes after that deadline has passed and you will be charged for the no-show. If you have a punchcard, a punch will be taken and if you have an unlimited pass a $10 fee will be charged to your account.

- We ask that if you typically stay for back to back classes, that you perhaps consider staying for just one if all classes are at capacity. Share the love!

- We are trusting that each of you will take it on upon yourself to monitor your own health and to stay home if ever you feel unwell physically. We are also trusting that if you have recently traveled (or have been in direct contact with someone who has traveled) that you will not attend class until self-quarantine has been completed.

- Masks. You are more than welcome to wear masks upon entering or leaving the building. However, it has been advised by medical professionals to not wear masks during physical activity as it can be dangerous. This is especially true with yoga as we engage in much breath work.

- We are asking that clients please be patient as we work through the kinks and figure out how to evolve with the times. Please let us know your (kind) feedback.

Our new and current schedule is up on Mindbody for booking and we are still working hard behind the scenes to prepare for Friday! If you had an active membership before our closure, we are currently working on those extensions.

Yoga has taught us how to flow with change, to accept things as they are, and to find the beauty in all that is.

We hope to see each of you back on your mats - caring for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

We are so excited to see you, to raise our vibration and to heal together. 🙏