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It can feel intimidating to begin something new. At Pure Balance Yoga, we offer a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for beginners. We love seeing new faces and getting back to the basics of the practice. There is no experience necessary and there are many different styles of classes to choose from.



What do I wear?


There is no need for fancy yoga clothes - wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in. There is also no need for socks or footwear - we practice barefoot!


What do I need to bring?


Just bring yourself and a positive attitude! We have extra mats and other yoga props if you do not own them. You may wish to bring a bottle of water and/or a towel depending on the class you choose to attend.


Do I need to be flexible?


No! You do not need to be flexible to begin a yoga practice. You may, however, become more flexible from your yoga practice! Most people who begin yoga are not flexible and some of us will always have limitations in certain poses - yoga is about working with where we are today.


What class should I go to?


We recommend starting with a class time that has the word "gentle" in the title. In addition to these gentle classes, other wonderful options for a first class are: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yin, Kripalu, or Morning Mind Body Balance - all of which are mindful, slower paced sessions. You are of course welcome to attend any class of your choosing, but these particular sessions are designed for all levels and have proven to be excellent starting points for those looking to establish a yoga practice. Please see the schedule for specific class times.

*** Keep an eye out for our "YOGA 101 WORKSHOP" which is specifically designed for newcomers! We will go over studio etiquette, what to expect in a yoga class, basic postures and alignment, information on different style classes and more!***

Yoga is a personal practice and there is no end to what we can learn. There is a reason we call it a "Yoga Practice" and not a "Yoga Perfect". We are not perfect - we will stumble or fall along the way. Yoga is about getting up, getting back on your mat and trying again!



"Falling out of a posture means you are human. Getting back into the posture means you are a Yogi."

- Bikram Choudhury


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