Click this link from your tablet or smartphone: Download the MindBody Connect app today & book classes on the go!

We use an awesome software called MindBody that allows our members to view, book and manage their own yoga schedules!


This allows you flexibility to book your own classes, switch classes, cancel classes, purchase memberships, and most of all: stay up to date with what's going on at our studio. Although you do not have to create an account, we highly suggest it so you can get first-dibs on popular class times! 

If using a smartphone or ipad/tablet:

Simply download the app by clicking the link above!

If using a computer or laptop:

Visit and log in (or create an account) using your own email address. Make sure to locate our studio by using the search option!

If you'd prefer to call us or email us - don't be shy! We have members who prefer to book their classes the old-fashion way!


Winter Schedule:


9:30am Gentle Morning Yoga

3:45pm Heated Detox

4:45pm Hot Balance & Core 

6:00pm Hot Power Flow

7:30pm Warm Slow & Flow 


9:30am Gentle Hatha

4:45pm Hatha Yoga 

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow (Ashtanga Inspired)

7:30pm Candlelight Yoga & Meditation


9:30am Gentle Balance 

4:45pm Hot Tone and Sculpt

6:00pm Hot Yin 

7:30pm Hot Mindful Vinyasa


9:30am Gentle Core 

4:30pm Yin/Yang Yoga 

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow (Ashtanga Inspired)

7:30pm Gentle Yoga & Energy Work


9:30am Yin/Yang Yoga

3:45pm Heated Core

4:45pm Pure Hot

6:00pm Warm Flow 


9:30am Ashtanga Half Primary Series

11:30am Hatha Yoga


10:00am Morning Sun Salutations

11:30am Gentle Yoga & Meditation

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