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Amanda Chisholm​
E-RYT-200, Reiki II, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Cancer

"Yoga, in its essence, is not about doing fancy things with your body. It's about connection, kindness, love, letting go, believing, and most of all trusting that we are so much more than this human body."


Amanda began her yoga journey while living in Toronto. After some major life changes, she sought out yoga and meditation as remedies for anxiety and quickly committed to a daily practice.


When life led her back to her Bathurst roots, she felt inspired to continue her journey into Teacher Training. In May 2014, she left for Baja, Mexico to complete her RYT-200. At Yandara Yoga Institute, she lived in simple, rustic surroundings without electricity, eating local food, and learning asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and reiki healing.


Since her return, she has been teaching classes in the Bathurst area, connecting with other yogis, and spending time deepening her own personal practice.  


​Mélanie Frigault
E-RYT-200, Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga Nidra, HIIT & Flow, Reiki II, Mindfulness Coach

"Yoga is the art and science of living.''- Indra Devi

Melanie has been guiding yoga and meditation classes in both English and French since 2016 with Pure Balance Yoga, after attending an intensive Yoga Teacher Training through Yandara Yoga Institute.  This heart-led training program has guided her teaching style ever since, as she strives to always offer an authentic and heart-centered guided practice which honors the deep and rich roots of yoga.

She is passionate about helping others discover the Divine teacher that resides within their breath, their bodies, and ultimately their Self. She aims to connect with others through our shared humanness, through mindfulness practicies and thought humor, joy and love. 

Mélanie believes that yoga is a way of life that expands way beyond the practice on our mats, and offers a roadmap to living in harmony with life, through connection of the mind, body and soul.

Monique Nowlan

Monique first came to yoga for the physical benefits, hoping to ease stiffness and become fit. As her body became stronger and healthier, she discovered that on her yoga mat, she could find a sense of contentment, self-awareness and mind body connection. Monique enrolled in her 200-hour teacher training with Om-Line Yoga and Ayurveda, simply hoping to deepen her own practice. However, as she learned and grew as a yogi, her intentions turned towards teaching and sharing the practice she loves with others.


Monique’s intention is to create a space for students to explore the practice of yoga and to discover their relationship with themselves. Monique wants students to leave her classes feeling peaceful, yet empowered.


Yoga has taught her to harness her thoughts, illuminating how to let go of self-doubt and to be more mindful. In her life, she is becoming more like the person that she is on her mat - courageous, dedicated, kind, patient, and compassionate - and she can’t wait to share that with others.

Jeremy Pitre


Jeremy has been practicing yoga for years but dove deeper into his practice two years ago. After suffering a physical injury at work, he began discovering the power of yoga and its ability to heal not only the physical body but the mind as well.


He recently graduated from Yandara Yoga Institute as a 200hour registered yoga teacher and reiki II practitioner 


He has a strong interest in the ‘inner work’ of yoga and the power of meditation. He hopes to help students find their own inner peace and guidance within.

jen luong.PNG
Jen Luong


Jenny has two essential philosophies that are fundamental in all she teaches:

1) Individual autonomy

2) Live and learn in harmony with nature.


In nature we can find all the solutions we seek, all the answers explained. We can simplify to live the right path by observing cause and effect. Nature also gives us all the perfectly balanced food and resources we need for optimal living. Individual autonomy means you recognize your part and responsibility in life. You appreciate the miracle of living and act accordingly. These philosophies are part of Jenny’s matrix and so her passion and commitment to them shines through in everything she does.


Jenny was born into a family where natural medicine and healing is the norm. Her grandfather was a Taoist shaman and her father is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In 1997 Jenny started studying medicinal herbs and Clinical Herbology through Dominion Herbal College. She also studied Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs with Michael Tierra, and became a Clinical Herbalist in 2000. She then became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2002. She completed her first level of Yoga Teacher training in 2005. Jenny then trained to become a nurse and after almost completing nursing school with honors, she realized it was not in alignment with her belief system. In working with clients and understanding how integral the mind is in a person’s health, Jenny started to study neuroscience and epigenetics and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2008, and Certified Neuro Linguistics Programming practitioner in 2010. In 2012 Jenny started training as a life coach, and was certified in 2016, registered with the ICF (International Coaches Federation). During 2015, she also completed her second level (500 hr) Yoga Teacher training in Yoga Therapy. And then another 200 hr in Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2018.


Jenny currently practices as a Registered Naturopath in Petit Rocher Sud. Her approach is holistic, simplified and pragmatic.

You can find her at

Karine Cormier 


"Hello, I am Karine. I just completed a wonderful teacher yoga training on Maui with Wisdom Flow Yoga. This experience has confirmed everything that I loved and knew about yoga. No words can describe my appreciation for this formation and meeting a great mentor of mine, Jennifer Lynn. I am over the moon excited to be part of the teaching community at Pure Balance in the near future.


My journey with yoga started in 2015, as I wanted to “stretch” my body during my years in university of Moncton. I found our little paradise studio here in Bathurst when I was back in the region. Since then, my practice has evolved and changed so much over the years.


I am a multi-passionate woman, whose main interest lies in well being and healing from inside out. I thrive in community based engagement ranging from artistic projects, ecological movement and social equity programs. My interests also include physics, philosophy, dance medicine, gardening, poetry and connecting with Mama Earth. I love to learn and consider myself a forever student. I have a background in radiology and assistant chiropractic (Dupas Chiropractic in Bouctouche); where I learned the potential of having an aligned body that helps us thrive in our lives. I have seen from experience the transformation of people working with alternative medicine and yoga practices.


As you may know, yoga is so much more than the Asana practices (poses). It is a path to union. Therefore, it implies relationships. As we walk the yoga path, we improve and rediscover our relationship with ourselves, our mind, our breath, our divine essence, our home Gaia as well as relationships in our life. For me, yoga really did change the way I interact with people in my life and how I navigate the ups and downs of being a human being.


I am forever thankful for what this practice has led to my life. It is a great privilege to be teaching in our amazing studio in Bathurst. Amanda, Melanie, Alex, Monique and Jeremy have all played an important role in my becoming over the years. I am thankful for my teachers and ready to step into this role as well. I will be offering some alignment based sequences with my special creative spin on it. I want students to leave my classes feeling empowered, refreshed and in symphony with the greater meaning of life."

Alex Gould
RYT 500​

Alex set out on the yogic path in early 2018. His call to yoga was not unlike many others; the stresses of life had manifested themselves as chronic pain and had left him feeling disconnected from himself and those around him.
It was in the practice of mindful meditation that Alex found the connection within himself that he was seeking, and it has propelled him toward living a life centered around sharing his passion for wellness and personal connection. When it comes to the physical practice of yoga, Alex is huge advocate of a breath focused practice grounded in conscious physical movements. He believes the connection of breath and body is how we cultivate a deep personal connection to ourselves.
His methods of teaching were passed on to him in Rishikesh, India where he completed his 500hr Ashtanga/Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2019. As a lifelong student, Alex is always striving to expand on his teaching style and method to bring each of his students an accessible yet challenging style of practice. All he asks of his students is to come with and open mind, and don't forget to breathe!
Stephanie Godin
RYT 200

Stéphanie has been an independent yoga teacher since 2015, and is also a low vision specialist who helps visually impaired children in northeastern New Brunswick. Before specializing in low vision, Stéphanie worked for over 15 years as a school counsellor, gaining solid experience in self-regulation of emotions through the body and empathy. Stéphanie now helps both children and adults to discover their personal path - using  creative yoga with little ones and yin yoga with adults.


Stéphanie  est professeure de yoga indépendante depuis 2015 et spécialiste en basse vision qui aide les enfants ayant une déficience visuelle dans le nord-est du Nouveau-Brunswick. Avant de se spécialiser en basse vision, Stéphanie a travaillé pendant plus de 15 ans comme conseillère scolaire, acquérant une solide expérience en autorégulation des émotions par le corps et l'empathie. Stéphanie aide maintenant les jeunes et les adultes à découvrir leur voie personnelle, par le biais du yoga créatif avec les tout-petits et du yin yoga avec les adultes.


Katie MacLean
Soud Healer & Meditation guide

Katie is a former lawyer turned sound healer & meditation guide, who used a period of burnout to explore her passions & purpose. She has a deep passion for the transformative healing ability of sound and frequency. Katie frequently travels the country on her skoolie - a school bus converted into a sound healing studio - in hopes to spread healing vibrations far & wide. Through her work, she aims to facilitate deep healing and relaxation, combining ancient sounds, mantra, yoga nidra and the power of intention.


Sound Bath Description: 

When you experience a sound bath, you will immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal alchemy singing bowls, chimes, and an ocean drum. This session is designed to relax your mind, ease your body, and uplift your spirit. Lay back and let the vibrations wash over you, helping you to release stress and enter altered states of consciousness. It is a simple yet profound way to connect with your inner-self and raise your vibration.

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