Amanda Chisholm
RYT-200, Reiki II, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

"Yoga, in its essence, is not about doing fancy things with your body. It's about connection, kindness, love, letting go, believing, and most of all trusting that we are so much more than this human body."


Amanda began her yoga journey while living in Toronto. After some major life changes, she sought out yoga and meditation as remedies for anxiety and quickly committed to a daily practice.


When life led her back to her Bathurst roots, she felt inspired to continue her journey into Teacher Training. In May 2014, she left for Baja, Mexico to complete her RYT-200. At Yandara Yoga Institute, she lived in simple, rustic surroundings without electricity, eating local food, and learning asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and reiki healing.


Since her return, she has been teaching classes in the Bathurst area, connecting with other yogis, and spending time deepening her own personal practice.  

Cameron McLean


Cameron was first introduced to yoga in 2012 and, since taking the plunge, hasn't looked back! Motivated by a desire to reconnect with his roots and be in an environment where he could be more immersed in nature, Cameron moved back  to Bathurst shortly after beginning his practice. He worked as a karma yogi at the Bathurst SPCA before a brief stint at the Bathurst Public LIbrary, before finally committing fully to the yogic path as a yoga teacher. 


In Fall 2016, 4 years after his first introduction to yoga, Cameron embarked on his teacher training. His training took him to Rishikesh, India, where he learned about traditional Hatha yoga and meditation. He is thrilled and grateful to be an instructor at Pure Balance Yoga and looks forward to sharing all he knows about yoga with the community!

​Mélanie Frigault
RYT-200, Postnatal Yoga

Mélanie Doucet attended her first yoga class in 2011, while attending University in Halifax, Nova-Scotia. After finishing her degree, she returned to her hometown of Bathurst, New-Brunswick, to work in her field of education. While doing so, her mentor and friend Amanda Chisholm, began offering classes in the community, which renewed her commitment for her practice, which quickly became her passion and solace.


In November of 2016, Mélanie chose to take a leap into the world of yoga, and attended a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training through Yandara Yoga Institute, campus of Baja, Mexico, where she obtained her certification to teach. Mélanie hopes to inspire her students through her personal practice, on and off the yoga mat. She continues to strive to grow in the beautiful yogic community of Pure Balance Yoga Bathurst.


Mélanie offers a variety of classes, such as yin, vinyasa, gentle flow and advanced asanas. She is also available for private classes for individuals or groups.  


Love and light, namaste.

Sunny Bosca


"When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'Happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."  - John Lennon 


Sunny was introduced to yoga in 2006 while training to be an Ontario Provincial Police officer. It was a great compliment to her rigorous physical routine; to relieve stress and muscle tension. In Ontario she completed courses with YogaFit but moved before she could finish. 


After 14 years away, her heart led her back to her hometown, Bathurst. She was still longing to bring yoga to those around her. In February 2016, she continued her educational yoga journey by attending Yandara Yoga Institute for her RYT 200 in Baja Mexico. It was a spiritual journey which opened her heart and her mind to all things yoga. 


Sunny brings a positive, vibrant and energetic life into any room and her goals are to make people smile, encourage healthy living, and helping animals.   


Jolyane Aube
​RYT-200, YYT-100


Jolyane started Yoga while looking for something to help during challenging times when stress and chronic pain was a constant in her life. At her first yoga class, she knew she found a new awareness, a space with peace, her home, exactly what she needed.

She completed 200 hours in Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and 100 hour Yin Yoga Training in 2011. Most recently, she returned from a Life Force Yoga for Mood Management Training - which she continues her training in in order to further her certification.

Jolyane also practices Occupational Therapy, is a mother of two little ones and loves the outdoors. She is grateful for having stumbled upon this soothing practice and life learning journey and is grateful to be able to share this practice with her community. She hopes that each student finds the peace that is within them and shines this peace all around them.

Jennifer Daigle 
​RYT-200, YYT-100


Originally from Moncton, Jennifer now makes her home in beautiful Bathurst. 


Jennifer began practicing Yoga in 1992 and it has been a part of her life since.  In 2012, she decided to delve deeper into her yoga practice, completing 300 hrs of Yoga Teacher training and opening her own studio. 


Sharing the philosophy of yoga and a yogic lifestyle is a passion for her. Jennifer teaches different styles and believes each student must find the style of Yoga that speaks to them.  

Sarah Lavigne 
​Registered Massage Therapist, RYT-200.
Reiki II


Sarah is a Bathurst native who moved to Fredericton to study Massage Therapy. After her graduation from The Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in 2009, she began working in a spa in Fredericton and gaining experience in her field.


In 2011, she felt the pull to move back home to Bathurst and has since been building a loyal following in the area. Sarah is passionate about her work and is grateful to work in an environment in which she is able to both teach and learn every day. She feels that the trust and appreciation she receives from her clients is one of the most rewarding benefits of her job.


She has been active member of the ANBMT since 2009 and specializes in Therapeutic Massage. 

In Spring 2017, Sarah traveled to Mexico where she attended Yandara Yoga Institute and received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. While there she also completed her level I & II Reiki training.

Sarah loves combining her knowledge from all of her professional training in an effort to help her clients find health and balance in all areas of their life. 

Nancy Noel
​RYT-200, Reiki II


“When the time is right, we all find loving hands to help guide us through suffering, then when another person is in need of nurturing, we are strong enough to offer, in this way we all support one another.”

Since she was 12, Nancy was drawn to movement and form with her artwork, practicing in the 70’s with televised yoga pioneer Kareen Zebroff, and wearing out the “asana “pages of a book by Jess Stern.


After dedicating 20 years to her own self inquiry through regular practice, she decided to further her interest along the yogic journey. In 2008 amid the naturally peaceful setting of Shining Bay Retreat along the eastern shore, she challenged herself with committing to an intensive lifestyle-immersion and study of postures, pranayama & meditation with Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training.


Throughout the healing experience she discovered a new appreciation of life, connection with others and self-discovery. Upon returning home she shared her practice with small groups of women, elementary & adult classes at schools and local organizations; eventually offering yoga & Reiki sessions in her long awaited “Yoga Cabana” nestled among old pine trees she and her Father lovingly planted so long ago.


Her love of yoga along with the benefits of a daily practice motivate her still, with compassion and genuine interest to whatever circumstance or whoever arrives on her doorstep.


“Every day is a new beginning and every day with willingness, compassion and love, we can contribute to the positive change we wish to see in the world” 

“Your light is recognizable ….How wonderful to meet you here on the path”

Brittany Barron


Brittany was first introduced to yoga in 2014 while she was going to university in Halifax. It was a great way to exercise her body and help clear her mind. She continued with yoga in her home and at local gyms while in her hometown of Labrador City. Once she moved to Bathurst in 2018, she continued with her yoga practice at Pure Balance.


She obtained her 200hr teaching certification & yoga in schools certification in August, 2019 from Breathing Space Yoga out of Halifax. NS.


Brittany is dedicated to helping others move and finding freedom in their mind and life. She loves being outdoors and travelling. In her travels to Cambodia she got her favorite quote tattooed “ be the change you wish to see in the world” - ghandi. She feels as though this quote is a constant reminder to come back to her values and find clarity.


She believes yoga is a fundamental practice that can help people connect to their mind, body and soul; allowing them to re-connect and take part in the journey of finding their true self.

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