16" wide x 10" long x 4" deep
Release your hips & low back to easily sit for meditation, reading, eating or whatever. These versatile sit pillows are our version of the traditional meditation cushion or zafu to help you kneel or sit cross legged comfortably. 

Love My Mat cushions are filled with Canadian Buckwheat Hulls.


Why go with the half moon shape vs. heart?
Heart shaped meditation cushions often provide too much support under the thighs which doesn't allow the hips to open enough. Our Half Moon shaped meditation pillow is perfect for those who can sit cross-legged comfortably, giving the right amount of support under the thighs so the hips open, the knees drop & the low back softens. Our full circle shaped Modern Zafu provides extra lift for those with tighter hips, knee issues, or low back problems.

Meditation Pillow